• 01-Nov-2016
    “Towards Improving Teaching Methods at TAG-SB” Workshop
“Towards Improving Teaching Methods at TAG-SB” Workshop

As part of teaching strategies improvement, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business (TAG-SB) organized a workshop entitled “Towards Improving Teaching Methods at TAG-SB” chaired by Dr. Hesham Gharaibeh.
Dr. Mamoun Akroush, TAG-SB Dean, welcomed the faculty members and shared information on the competencies of Higher Education and specially the MBA Program which should be untraditional and designed to create business leaders.
Dr. Akroush also stressed the importance of international accreditation and quality assurance role in distinguishing the MBA program offered at TAG-SB.
Dr. Abdallah Abdallah opened the workshop with his speech on the diversity of teaching methods and influencing MBA candidates’ personalities and attitude. Dr. Abdallah also stressed on the faculty members role as mentors in the students professional lives.
In his speech, Dr. Omar Ababneh, discussed the essential role of quality assurance in building professional course portfolio based on international standards.
The workshop was concluded with a brainstorming session where the faculty members exchanged their teaching methods, experiences and discussed ways of improvements.